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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is among the top five environmental risks. Pollutants in your building’s air can cause dizziness and headaches, and can aggravate allergies and asthma. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can go a long way toward improving the air you breathe. But cleaning alone will not solve IAQ problems. Our Commercial Air Quality Services can find and solve your IAQ issues, these would be the elements which cause the pollutants in the first place.


Ventilation is essential to improving indoor air quality by cost-effectively incorporating fresh air that reduces the concentration of chemicals, carbon dioxide and other contaminates. Ideal for tightly sealed buildings, a good ventilation system helps replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresher air. An improved ventilation system can be the answer to your indoor air quality problems.

Commercial Buildings

Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems are not limited to homes. Many office buildings and commercial establishments have significant air pollution sources too. These buildings and offices may be inadequately ventilated. Mechanical ventilation systems may not be designed or operated to provide adequate amounts of outdoor air. And, occupants generally have less control over the indoor environment in their offices than they do in their homes. Their is a higher rate of reported health problems in commercial buildings.  Call our Commercial Air Quality Services department for free consultation.

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Commercial Air Quality Services